Iolanda Astor - Fotografia

Iolanda Astor

.Iolanda Astor, Barcelona (1965)

I can say that all that I have done professionally, from my youth, has been related to image: video, television, graphic design and photography.

I began studying photography in the Photographic Institute of Catalonia, but soon I began working in a producer company of video and audiovisuals (Triac). First, tricking photographs for audiovisuals (multivision) and, later, as a film editor, production assistant and director of some cultural and institutional videos.

My next step was television, not only the public television but also private producers. In the Drama department of TV3, I worked as a production assistant in some serials and, in other producer companies as Oviedo TV, Gest-Music Endemol and othersÖ I participated, always from production, in different serials and programmes with sporadic incursions in the advertising world.

After more than fifteen years in this world, I decided to make a radical change in my life: I gave up my job (TV3), I moved from my beloved city (Barcelona) to a village in the coast of Tarragona (Calafell). From time to time itís good to do a crazy thing.

I have been devoted to the graphic design for ten years and, especially, to photography. There have been lots of hours of study and personal and lonely work, as it canít be another way. Constantly adapting to the continuous changes of new technologies in these years. Without stopping investigating and progressing.

Photography is now my main dedication. Expressing from the initial idea, just thought up, maybe incomprehensible, to the printed image in a specific texture. Reaching all the process. Iím not searching for perfection, just expressing feelings.